Introducing: Website Design for Scientists

How many times have you heard a scientist say, or said to yourself: "I really want to make a website, but everything else just keeps getting in the way"? As scientists in an increasingly competitive field, we need to find ways to showcase our work and stand out to potential employers or future graduate students. Additionally, countless research projects and outreach initiatives could benefit from greater accessibility to stakeholders and the public. A modern, frequently-updated website can achieve these goals, but many scientists lack the time required to get one started.

I, and I suspect many of my peers, assumed building a website would take time that I could not afford to draw from other obligations. Furthermore, I wanted a modern, beautiful website, not just a webpage with links and pixelated photos that looks like it was last visited in 2005. After several years of putting it off, I managed to find some extra time and build the site you are on now. Admittedly, creating a website was not beyond my capabilities, but it turns out that I and my peers had not overestimated the time and energy requirement. In fact, we may have underestimated, as researching my options, amassing content, deciphering the ins and outs of Squarespace, and fine-tuning the design took far more time than I expected. This is not to discourage anyone from starting a website, but rather to say, "We were right," which always feels good.

Because we were right, I want to help other scientists strengthen their web presence. I want you to have a website that stands out, one that you can be proud of. I will put in the time to design and build a beautiful, functional website so that you can focus on that grant proposal or spend your weekend in the R console. With my help, you can check that box that I know has been on your to-do list for at least several months.

If you think I can help you, check out more details here!