Past Projects


The Feeley Lab


Lab website for Dr. Ken Feeley, an Associate Professor at the University of Miami. The Feeley lab homepage features a full-screen slideshow of beautiful photos from research sites, as well as banner images on every page. This website showcases how great photography can make a stunning website. This site was designed on Squarespace.

Johnson Lizard Lab


Lab website for Dr. Michele Johnson, an Associate Professor at Trinity University, with a thriving undergraduate-powered research lab. The Johnson Lizard Lab's homepage features recent blog posts and full-width images that guide visitors to the lab’s research areas and outreach projects. This site was designed on Squarespace.

Christopher j thawley


Personal website for Dr. Chris Thawley, currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Thawley's homepage prominently features his contact information, Twitter feed, and recent news (including upcoming events). This site was built on Wordpress.

Andrew c battles


This was my personal website for my science career. It features a long-scrolling, continuous page, highlighting upcoming events, live Twitter and Instagram Feeds, and descriptions of my research and job experience. Essentially an interactive CV! This site was built on Squarespace.